The star of Nevaton’s multi-pattern microphones is the Nevaton MC51, summarized by Sound on Sound magazine as

“a versatile and nice-sounding capacitor mic that stands comparison with top European models.”


Its cousin, the Nevaton MC416, has all of the same top-quality audio capabilities, but with a larger diaphragm.  Edwin Pfanzagl Cardone, head of the acoustic department of the world famous “Salzburg Festival” wrote about his experiences with the Nevaton MC416 in the Austrian magazine “Mediabiz” –

“The Nevaton MC416 is absolutely comparable with the Neumann U87.  If one of my U87 will not function once, I will not hesitate to replace it with a Nevaton microphone. I can only recommend to use the possibility and give that microphone a try.” (Edwin Pfanzagl Cardone)


Both mics have four directional pattern-settings and are well suited for broadcasting, radio and studio sound production.