Nevaton MC401 Shotgun

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The MC401 is constructed to provide maximum stability and it performs exceptionally, even in harsh weather conditions.
Nevaton’s shotgun microphones are built with the same ‚Class A‘ transformer-less design as all the other Nevaton microphones.
They are used extensively in the film industry and are a great choice wherever a high directional microphone with exeptional quality is needed.
Discontinued, but soon available as option for the Nevaton MC 59

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Nevaton MC401 – Shotgun microphone

This is a shotgun interference-type microphone with a super-cardioid pattern, which combines wide frequency response, very high output level and  low self noise with a high-directional characteristic. The MC 401 is widely known, extensively used and highly appreciated among the Russian film industry.

The MC 401 is an option for all professional sound-workers which want a top-class ultra-directional microphone for a more than reasonable price!

Acoustic features and construction

The MC 401 picks up sound-sources with phenomenal clarity over a wide frequency range, while rejecting unwanted noise from the sides. This high directivity makes it suitable even for challenging situations with noisy ambient sound-field and let you record targeted distant sound-sources with a minimum of interference.
Below 2000 Hz the capsule has a hyper-cardioid pattern, while above the interference element provides a narrow ultra-directional polar response. It has a linear frequency characteristic, very good impulse response, low self noise and high output level (18 dB-A).
The microphone can handle very high sound-pressure level up to 134 dB.

The remarkable performance of the MC 401 is based on the combination of two acoustic principles, featuring a precisely calibrated interference tube and an pressure gradient transducer with a gold-plated (Poly-Ethylene-Tereftalate) diaphragm. All components of the capsula have passed a special artificial ageing process to guarantee an optimum of humidity/temperature stability. The microphone`s body is made of robust metal with a satin charcoal non-reflective paint finish. This makes it inherently immune to mechanical and atmospheric influences.

As in all other Nevaton microphones the amplifier is built to the class-A transformerless standard.
All used input transistors pass a special selection to guarantee minimal self-noise levels.
The microphone operates on 9-48V phantom power.
A gold-plated XLR-connector is used as an output-connector.

Operational quality

The microphone was designed to keep parameter stability in adverse climatic conditions.
A wind screen is part of the set. For mobile use a handle is available (optional).
Additionally available is an active handle with a built-in battery power supply which makes the external phantom supply unnecessary. (optional)

The microphone is supplied in a fine wooden box.

Like all Nevatone microphones, the MC 401 is entirely handmade and is carefully tested in the acoustic laboratories of the Nevaton homebase in St.Petersburg before it leaves the factory.

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NEVATON MC 401 – Technical Data

Acoustic operating principle
Interference – preasure gradient transducer
Directional pattern
40 – 20.000 Hz

Free Field Sensitivity at 1000 Hz and 1000 Ω

25 mV/Pa
Equivalent SPL DIN/IEC 651
18 dB-A
Max. Sound Pressure Level [for THD 0,5% ]
134 dB
Dynamic range
116 dB
Nominal Impedance
< 200 Ω

Recommended Load Impedance

1000 Ω
Current Consumption
4 mA
Supply voltage
9V -52 V
250 mm
120 g
Relative humidity
90% (at + 20°C)
Connector Type
3-pin XLR-type standard
Pin assignment:

pin1: ground, pin2:phase(+), pin3:phase(-)


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