Nevaton MC52 – Double MS

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The MC 52 is a two-capsule condenser microphone for mid-side recordings (MS). One of the capsules has a fixed Fig-8 pattern, the other one features a front & rear cardioid pattern.

The microphone has a XLR-7 output connector. A split cable (XLR-7 to 3x standard XLR) is part of the set. Three separate balanced line signals are provided – two cardioid (front & rear) & one figure-8. The microphone is also available with omni-directional characteristic (instead of the front & rear cardioid pattern)

The Nevaton MS52 Double MS has an exceptional low self noise (weighted noise level of only 4 dB-A in cardioid mode!


Like other Nevaton microphones it has a transformer-less circuitry, and two large-diaphragm 33mm condenser capsules. The Nevaton MS52 Double MS is delivered in a fine wooden box.

NEVATON MC 52 MS – Technical Data

Acoustic operating principle
Pressure gradient transducer
Capsule diameter
33 mm
Directional pattern
front&rear cardioid (or omni) + fig-8
20 – 25.000 Hz

Free Field Sensitivity at 1000 Hz and 1000 Ω

20 mV/Pa
Weighted noise level
cardioid: 4 dB-A  | figure-8: 5 dB-A
Max. Sound Pressure Level [for THD 0,5% ]
135 dB
Dynamic range
131 dB
Nominal Impedance
50 Ω

Recommended Load Impedance

1000 Ω
Current Consumption
10 mA
Supply voltage
48 +/- 4V
head: 51mm, body: 30mm
237 mm
500 g
Relative humidity
90% (at + 20°C)
Connector Type
included break-out cable: XLR-7 to 3x 3-pin XLR-type standard