Nevaton is proud to present an exceptional new microphone to the world


NEW! NEVATON BPT – A Three-Capsule Stereo- And Surround-Microphone With Centre-Zoom Function – Ready For Stereo, 5.1 And Beyond

Based upon a design by the head of the acoustics department of the Salzburg Festival, Dr.Edwin Pfanzagl-Cardone, Nevaton manufactures this unique microphone which adds a third (forward facing) capsule to the well known Blumlein pair and gives the sound-engineer the possibility to add as much acoustic focus to the center image as needed.

In addition to the stereo mode, the BPT can record  in surround in a very uncomplicated and straightforward manner and offers switchable directional patterns for maximum flexibility and a wide variety of recording techniques.

All this in one single microphone – NEVATON BPT!

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