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A large-diaphragm mono&stereo condenser microphone with freely configurable polar pattern

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NEVATON MC550 – Mono& Stereo Condenser Microphone with advanced multi-polar pattern functions


The Nevaton MC550 is a very versatile Large-Diaphragm Mono&Stereo Condenser Microphone with advanced multi-pattern functions. It features a 33mm dual-diaphragm symmetrical transducer where each diaphragm of the capsule has its own dedicated amplifier channel!

  • Mode 1: XY-stereo with 180 degrees – use the included cable (XLR-5 to 2x XLR-3). The internal switch has to be set to “8” for a correct operation with that cable!
  • Mode 2: Infinite polar pattern possibilities when the two sides of the dual diaphragm capsule are summed to mono with different proportions (using phase, pan and volume) – use the included cable (XLR-5 to 2x XLR-3). The internal switch has to be set to “8” for a correct operation with that cable! Note the color-code on the breakout-cable: White = front, Red = rear

    With a console, soundcard or DAW the audio engineer can combine the two signals of the dual diaphragm of the Nevaton MC550  to produce any desired pattern – tweak the pattern to fit your exact needs! Infinite directional patterns can be created – from  omnidirectional to cardioid, wide-cardioid, hyper-cardioid, figure-8 – and everything in between! You can change directional characteristics of the microphone at the recording and/or after the fact – in post production.

    Below are some default polar patterns for your orientation, but note that any in between position is also possible!

    • Omni – both capsules at equal gain, with no inverted phase
    • Wide Cardioid – rear capsule 10dB lower than front, with no inverted phase
    • Cardioid – front (or rear) capsule only
    • Hypercardioid – rear capsule 10dB lower than front with inverted phase
    • Figure 8 – both capsules at equal gain, rear with inverted phase


  • Mode 3: When you use the microphone with the included mono-cable (XLR-5 to 1x XLR-3) you have two directly switchable directional characteristics: fig.8 and omnidirectional

The MC550 additionally features:

  • Switchable attenuation: -10dB
  • Switchable Low-cut filter (80Hz, 6dB/Oct)
  • heated capsules (for parameter stability in very diverse climatic conditions).
    Two switchable heating modes: 4mA or 8mA heating current
    Additional note: With the stereo-cable the capsule benefits from a stronger heating effect than with the mono cable.
  • RF filter against radio interference
  • Switchable LED – the LED can be switched off, useful for filmed stage performances etc.
  • very low self noise of only 4dBA-7dBA, depending on the directional characteristic

The ultra-thin gold-coated diaphragms are made of polyethylene-terephthalate film and give the MC550 a warm, brilliant, and transparent sound. It has excellent transient response, a low self-noise level of only 4-7 dB-A (depending on the directional characteristic), and the ability to handle very high sound pressure levels up to 142dB. All capsule components have passed a special artificial ageing process to guarantee long-term stability. The internal construction is elastically mounted to attenuate handling noise. Additionally, the capsule is fixed on a special shock absorber to further reduce noise.

The amplifiers are Class ‘A’  transformerless designs utilising input transistors hand-selected for minimal noise. A switchable low-cut filter is provided to reduce low frequency interference and/or proximity effects.

The MC550 operates on 48V phantom power. A small LED indicates front position and shows when phantom power is switched on. The microphone body is made of brass with a grey non-reflective paint finish on an epoxy base. This makes it inherently immune to mechanical and atmospheric influences. A 3-layer metallic grille effectively protects the transducers from mechanical impacts and contamination by microscopic dust particles. Gold-plated 5-pin XLR output connector.

Two breakout cables are included:
a) XLR-5 to 2x XLR-3 connectors) and b) XLR-5 to 1x XLR-3

The microphone comes in a fine hardwood box.

Note: All switches are inside the microphone body! It is easy to access all switches as follows –


NEVATON MC 550 – Technical Data

Capsule diameter
33 mm
Directional pattern
Stereo: 180° 2x cardioid
Mono: cardioid, omnidirectional, fig.8
& freely configurable polar pattern: see text for explanation – omni, cardioid, wide-cardioid, hyper-cardioid, figure-8 and everything in between!
20 – 20.000 Hz

Free Field Sensitivity at 1000 Hz and 1000 Ω

not less than 20 mV/Pa
Equivalent SPL DIN/IEC 651
4 dB-A (cardioid)
7dB-A (omni, fig. eight)
Max. Sound Pressure Level [for THD 0,5%]
152dB (with -10dB switch)
Dynamic range
135-138 dB
Nominal Impedance
20 Ω

Recommended Load Impedance

1000 Ω
Current Consumption
switchable: 4-8 mA
Supply voltage
48 V
head: 51mm, body: 30mm
178 mm
430 g
Relative humidity
Temperature range for stable operation
90% (at + 20°C)
minus 20 °C to 45 °C
Connector Type (both included)
a) 5-pin XLR-type (male) to 2x 3-pin XLR-type standard
Front: White | Rear: Red
b) 5-pin XLR-type (male) to 1x 3-pin XLR-type standard
Pin assignment:

pin1: ground, pin2:phase(+), pin3:phase(-), pin4:phase(+), pin5:phase(-)