Stereo microphones

Nevaton’s stereo microphone line features the MC48 and the MC550

The MC48 Large Diaphragm Stereo Condensers offer two 25mm diaphragms in an X/Y pattern with continuously variable capturing angle. A switch-able high-pass filter is provided as well.

The Nevaton MC48 excels as a main microphone for orchestras and smaller ensembles, but is also a great solution for ambient recordings, concerts, talk shows, or single instruments like for example acoustic guitar! Recording angle 50-140 degrees.

The Nevaton MC550 is a unique microphone which features a dual-diaphragm symmetrical transducer, giving the microphone a fixed stereo width of 180° with advanced multi-pattern functions (in mono mode)!
Each side of the figure-8 pattern has it’s own physical output and can be mixed
Sound engineers love it for recording choirs, string ensembles, acoustic guitar and vocals.