Customs information page for returns/warranty/service

Contact us before shipping the parcel

  • In the case of warranty/service or returns please inform us prior to the shipment.
  • we will then provide you with a “Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)” number if required.
  • Depending on your location there might be additional specific instructions on how to proceed with the return.

Prepare the Package

a) for returns

  • Condition of Item: Ensure the item is in its original condition, includes all accessories and documentation and is packed in the original package and is properly secured.

b) for warranty or service

  • Pack the item securely to prevent damage during transit.


  • Proof of Purchase: Include a copy of the receipt/invoice and the RMA number outside of the parcel.
  • Customs Declaration: Fill out a customs declaration form accurately, indicating that the item is a return or is sent for service. Clearly mark the package as “Returned Goods” or “Warranty Goods” to potentially avoid additional customs charges.

Shipping Arrangements

  • Label: Arrange for shipping through a reliable courier service.
  • Cost: Please note that Nevaton microphones is not covering costs for return shipping.
  • Tracking: Opt for a shipping service that provides tracking and insurance to cover the value of the item.

Customs and Duties

  • Customs Regulations: Understand the customs regulations for returning goods to your country and the destination country.
  • Proof of Export: Keep proof of export documentation to show that the item was shipped out for return or warranty/service purposes. This can help in case there are any disputes regarding customs duties.

Track the Shipment

  • Monitoring: Use the tracking number to monitor the progress of your return shipment. Please note that sometimes the items are marked as delivered when they arrived at the customs and are not yet custom cleared!
  • Confirmation: We will provide you with a receipt of the returned item as soon as we received your parcel.

Refund or Exchange

  • Processing Time: Please allow us time for eventual repairs and/or refunds. This can vary depending on the necessary procedures.

Insurance: Please consider purchasing shipping insurance to cover potential loss or damage during transit.