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The MC59 Modular Microphone System offers four different preamplifiers, which can be paired with a wide variety of top-quality capsules. To view detailed information about each preamplifier, please use the dropdown menu below.

Nevaton offers currently four different preamplifier types (select preamps in the dropdown menu to see details)

  • MC59 – features an integrated 3-pin XLR-type connector on the microphone-body.
  • MC59-E – features an integrated 3-pin XLR-type connector on the microphone body. It additionally offers a − 10 dB attenuation switch and a switchable low cut filter at 100Hz with a slope of -6dB per octave.
  • MC59S – extremely small, compact and lightweight, with a deducted connector – 3-pin XLR-type on a cable,
  • MC59S-E – exceptionally small, compact and lightweight, featuring a 3-pin XLR-type connector on a cable. It additionally offers a -10 dB attenuation switch along with a switchable low cut at 100Hz (-6dB/Oct)

Standout features of MC59 series preamplifiers:

  • Extremely linear A-class amplifier (up to 1 MHz)
  • Extremely low self noise of 5-6dBA (depending on the capsule)
  • Advanced RFI filter against interference from external sources (radio transmissions, wireless devices, etc)
  • Low output impedance allows cable lengths of up to 400m without audible signal degradation
  • MC59S/S-E – specifically designed mounting holes on the back of the microphone to significantly improve installation flexibility
  • very durable paint finish

Note: The standard cable length of the MC59S & MC59S-E is 1.5 meter. Custom cable lengths are possible (up to 10m without extra costs)

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