MC59 – figure-8


The Nevaton MC 59 figure-eight microphone is Nevaton’s latest innovation, featuring a linear frequency response that extends into low frequencies, unlike other figure-eight microphones which typically experience a roll-off. Consequently, the MC59 offers a full-bodied and warm sound. A notable design feature is its switchable directional pattern, which also allows the microphone to be used with an omnidirectional characteristic.

The Nevaton MC 59 figure-eight & omnidirectional dual pattern mic 

Nevaton’s dual pattern microphone is a highly versatile true condenser mic with excellent technical specifications. It can be seamlessly combined with other microphones in the MC59 series, as their design ensures the acoustic centers of the membranes are aligned when used in MS (Mid-Side) or Double MS setups.

Key Features and Design:

  • Remarkably low self-noise (down to only 5dBA)
  • Exceptionally high dynamic range
  • Excellent transient response
  • Very linear frequency response, esp. no low-frequency roll-off (common in microphones of this type)
  • Switchable directivity patterns—figure-eight and dual-membrane omnidirectional—accessible via a button on the microphone body
  • Advanced RFI filter
  • Super linear class-A preamplifier which keeps linearity over extremely long cable runs of up to 400m
  • Microphone body crafted from solid brass
  • Coated with matte paint that minimally reflects light, has a pleasant texture, is non-slip, and highly resistant to physical impacts such as scratches.
  • Handmade in Austria
Technical Specifications
Directivity PatternsFigure-eight/omnidirectional
Frequency Range20-20000 Hz
Sensitivity at 1 kHz20 mV/Pa
Maximum Sound Pressure Level142 dB
Equivalent noise level, A-weighted (acc. to IEC 60268-4)8 dBA
Power Supply48V phantom power
Current Consumption5 mA
Output Impedance18 Ohms
Diameter22 mm
Length81 mm
Weight64 g
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