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Nevaton Microphone Repair Service

Nevaton Microphone Repair Service

If your Nevaton microphone requires repair, we are here to help and will ensure it receives the best care.

Steps to Follow:

Complete the Form:

Fill out the service form and email it to

Receive a Service Number:

Our technicians will promptly provide you with a unique service number and eventual additional information.

Send Your Microphone:

Ship your microphone only after receiving the service number & information. Please make sure to add the service number in the parcel.

Service Progress:

  • Please expect a confirmation email upon arrival of your parcel
  • We’ll provide you with a detailed repair cost estimate before starting any repairs.
  • Confirm your desired repairs or upgrades, and we will issue a pro-forma invoice.
  • Following the receipt of your payment, we will proceed with the repairs and notify you when your microphone is being shipped back to you.

Repair Costs

Warranty Cases: Repairs are free of charge (please refer to our warranty notes for details).

Non-Warranty Repairs: Our basic service fee is €75 including VAT + shipping, which always covers capsule cleaning and a new measurement of your microphone.

For additional repairs, you will receive a detailed quote outlining the costs.

If applicable, you will also receive options and costs for potential upgrades.

Nevaton Microphones is committed to keeping repair costs as low as possible.

Contact Us


Phone: +43 681 20662234

Shipping Address: Nevaton Microphones GmbH, Gewerbezone Ost-Fabriksgelände 17-19/23, 7011 Siegendorf, Austria

Important Notes for Shipments from Outside the EU

Customs Forms: Ensure that customs forms are filled out correctly to avoid delays and additional costs.

Carrier Choice: Opt for carriers experienced in handling temporary import/export if you are not familiar with customs procedures.

C.O.D. Packages: We do not accept Cash on Delivery packages

Please note that we cannot cover fees from incorrect shipping documents.

For a detailed overview of important aspects when sending your microphone from outside the European Union, please visit our customs information page.

We are dedicated to providing exceptional service and ensuring your Nevaton microphone is repaired with the utmost care and efficiency.