Nevaton offers various top-of-the-range stereo & multi-channel microphones.

The Nevaton BPT is a three-capsule microphone featuring a powerful center-zoom function. The Blumlein array, augmented with an additional center capsule and a small microphone absorber panel behind the microphone, is optimally paired with two additional MC59 (O) outriggers, creating the renowned BPT Recording System, which comfortably fits in one small and easy transportable case. This recording system is able to capture entire operas, symphonic orchestras, jazz bands, or theater performances with remarkable ease and highly convincing balance. Thus, the BPT stands as the ultimate solution for artists and engineers who record on-site and require broadcast-ready results with minimal effort and time in hand.

Additionally, the BPT is frequently utilized as the main microphone system in conjunction with spot mics when stage sightlines are crucial. Positioned over ten meters from the sound source, the BPT-microphone captures performances with extraordinary closeness and clarity. A single Nevaton BPT can already convinclingly manage your mono, stereo, and surround recordings, but with just two additional microphones (the Nevaton BPT plus two omni outriggers) engineers are set to record an entire symphonic orchestra. When using this system additional spot mics are only rarely needed. Consequently, the BPT has become an indispensable tool for some of the world’s most renowned theaters and concert halls. Get more info

The Nevaton VR is an ambisonic microphone, designed for 360° spatial recordings in the highest quality. The Nevaton VR delivers Ambisonics A-format, a four channel output, which can be easily converted to Ambisonic B-format with most of the major DAWs on the market, plugins or decoders. A perfect microphone for all applications involving 3D sound, which stands out with impressive technical parameters. A dedicated filterset for format conversion is available. Get more info

The Nevaton MC50 QUAD is distinguished as a premier microphone for recording both stereophonic and multichannel surround formats. It has emerged as one of the winners at the NAMM show and remains a highly coveted tool among recording artists and sound designers, With its incredibly low self noise it capters the most subtle nuances of sound sources with grace. Get more info

The Nevaton ORTF is a Stereo Condenser Microphone designed for professional ORTF stereo-recordings in pristine quality.  It is frequently employed as the primary mic for recording orchestras, chamber groups, jazz concerts, and more. It is equally adept for use in radio and television broadcast applications. Get more info

The MC550 is a twin microphone, with an output channel for each side of a double membrane. Commonly used as a fantastic mono microphone which excels with its infinite directional patterns which can be achieved. A delicate workhorse and creative tool, which also functions as high-end a stereo-microphone. Get more info