Client Testimonials

The Nevaton BPT is a very creative tool which has completely convinced me with its sonic capabilities

The multi award winning recording and mixing engineer, about the Nevaton BPT.


From the producer of “Fantastische Vier“:

The Nevaton MC51 always impresses me with its extremely natural sound reproduction

~ MICHAEL “MITCH” DOERFLER”, producer, mixer of the German band “Die Fantastischen Vier”, Austria

About the Nevaton BPT

eine neue Dimension der Stereo- und Surround-Aufnahme

~ Studio-Magazin 03/2017, Germany

About the MC 550

It sounds incredibly transparent and smooth!

~ YUI KIMIJIMA, Engineer, Tokyo/Japan

Among experts this brand is an insider-tip since many years

The Nevaton microphones sound fantastic and have technical parameters like for example an extremely low self-noise which cannot be found in products of other brands.

~ Ing. Dr. Edwin Pfanzagl-Cardone, M.A., Head Of Sound at the acoustics department of the Salzburg Festival, author of the book “The Art and Science of Surround and Stereo Recording” (Springer, 2020)

About field recordings in demanding natural environments

I regularly use my Nevaton VR microphone for outdoor recordings and find it very reliable and well protected against humidity and various temperatures.

~DMITRY CHERNOV, field recording artist and sound library publisher

About the Nevaton MC403:

I was simply amazed by how neutral and quiet these beauties really are. I purchased the MC403 because I could use it in an upcoming shoot and it excelled in an interior car shot. From the first moment I heard them I fell in love. 

About the MC59 cardioid

…the MC59c are, in my opinion, the very best mic I can choose for all acoustic music.

~ Hljóðmynd – Soundimage, Magnus Bergsson, Field recordist, Environmentalist, Electrician, Cyclist.

“They are incredible” (about the Nevaton MC59)

Never heard a mic that depicts transients in such a fast, clear, precise and high resolution without any harshness.

– STEPHAN WEBER, author, director and sound-artist, specially known for producing radio plays for the Austrian National Radio Ö1

About the Nevaton MC 404

The Nevaton MC404 is a fantastic microphone that makes it easy to get a stereo recording

Matt McGlynn, Founder of

Tape OP about the Nevaton MC416

very similar to the feeling I get when using excellent vintage mics that were also typically designed and built under one roof. To be finding this vibe and such great sound in mics in this price range is impressive. Bravo!


About the Nevaton MC49

When I heard the MC49-O along with the CMC6, it was, as far as I’m concerned, on par with the Schoeps.

~ Slau Halatyn,, USA