Sep 012015

NEW! NEVATON BPT – A Three-Capsule Stereo- And Surround-Microphone With Centre-Zoom Function – Ready For Stereo, 5.1, 7.1 And Beyond

Based upon a design of the chief of the acoustic department of the Salzburg Festival, Dr.Edwin Pfanzagl-Cardone, Nevaton designed this unique microphone which adds a third centre-capsule to the well known Blumlein pair and gives the sound-engineer the possibility to add as much acoustic focus to the centre image as needed.

Additionally to the stereo functions the BPT can record  in surround in a very uncomplicated and straightforward manner and offers switch-able directional patterns for a maximum flexibility and a wide variation of different recording techniques.

All that in one single microphone – NEVATON BPT!

Nevaton accepts pre-orders for this unique microphone model, starting on September 01, 2015.

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Mai 092014

Sampling guru John Emrich used Nevaton microphones to record a world-class sample library –
„Zildjian Digital Vault“, a collection of Legendary Zildjian Cymbals as BFD Expansion Kit.

Nevaton MC49 into an ATI 8SMX2 preamp
OH: Violet Flamingo Stereo into an API 3124 peamp
Room: Nevaton stereo MC404 microphone into a Metric Halo ULN 2 preamp
Ambient: Violet Vin50 (prototype) into an API 3124 preamp

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Nov 122012


 NEW!  Nevaton MC50 Quadraphonic microphone 

Nevaton confirms to be one of the most innovative microphone-brands in today’s world. After producing a variety of excellent stereo microphones (which gained highest reputation), Nevaton managed to go a step further and proudly presents – The newly designed Nevaton MC52, an all in one solution for MS-recordings and the Quadraphonic mic, Nevaton MC50.

Using a single microphone for MS recording? Isn’t that handy?

The microphone hosts two large diaphragm capsules (figure-8 & omni or cardoid) and has two balanced line outputs (XLR).
This new Nevaton microphone has an incredibly low self noise level and  thanks to a new circuit and  the precisely matched transistors, non-linear distortion is reduced to the absolute minimum. Definitely a  milestone!

The Quadraphonic-microphone Nevaton MC50 hosts two large diaphragm capsules with four membranes at the same spot. This guarantees a perfect quadro-stereo-mono compatibility and avoids common interference problems when used for Surround-Sound 5.1 ! It has  has four balanced line outputs (XLR).

The perfect match!

If you are interested in one of these unique new microphones please contact us here.

NEW!   Nevaton MC52 MS microphone


Jun 162012

Nevaton MC420 large diaphragm studio condenser – a great opportunity!

MC420 with fixed cardoid characteristic are available for a limited time with discount!

The MC420 is a perfect microphone for vocals and acoustic instruments. It features the same capsule, like the famous Nevaton MC51!

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