Nevaton offers various top-class multi-channel microphones.

The Nevaton BPT is a three-capsule microphone with centre-zoom function. The ultimate microphone for concert halls, theatres, location recordings and studios. Perfect for situations where time and flexibility matters. One single mic for your mono, stereo- and surround recordings!

The Nevaton VR is an ambisonic microphone, designed for 360° spatial recordings in the highest quality. The Nevaton VR delivers Ambisonics A-format, a four channel output, which can be easily converted to Ambisonic B-format with most of the major DAWs on the market, plugins or decoders. A perfect microphone for all applications involving 3D sound, fully compatible with systems like VR Game Engines or 360° social media platforms. 

The Nevaton MC-50 is the ultimate microphone for recording stereophonic and multichannel surround formats!