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Decades of experience in the making of large membrane stereo- and multi-channel condenser microphones gave Nevaton the expertise to create large dual diaphragm capsules which can be used for critical stereo and multi-channel recordings, which before have been mainly realised with small condenser mics.
The new NEVATON ORTF features two large 33m dual-diaphragm capsules, located at a distance of 170 mm relative to each other and deployed at an angle of 110 °.
This microphone allows highly professional recordings with the ORTF stereo-system.

As additional feature the directional characteristic of the capsules can be changed in between cardioid, wide cardioid, omnidirectional and figure-eight using an innovative high quality rotary ring switch.

The microphone also features a low cut switch.

The capsules of the Nevaton ORTF are heated which leads to a better parameter stability when working in diverse outdoor conditions.

The microphone comes with a fitting shock-mount and a break-out cable: XLR5 adapter cable -> 2x XLR3.
The default cable length is 0.5 m.

Longer XLR5 -> 2x XLR3 cables are also available and can be ordered separately.


NEVATON ORTF– Large Dual-Diaphragm microphone for recordings with the ORTF stereo-system


The Nevaton ORTF is a Stereo Condenser Microphone with variable pattern function and innovative design for highly professional ORTF stereo-recordings.

The Nevaton ORTF features large dual-diaphragm capsules and transformerless ‘Class A’ electronics.
The Nevaton ORTF can be used as a main microphone for recording orchestras, chamber ensembles, jazz-concerts, etc. and is also well suited for applications in radio and television broadcasting.

The microphone has an excellent transient response, very low self-noise of only 4 dBA (in cardioid mode) and can transmit sound pressure levels up to 138dB without distortion.
The two large 33mm ultra-thin gold coated diaphragms are made of 3-micron polyethylene-terephtalate film and give the Nevaton ORTF a beautiful and transparent sound. All capsule components have passed a special artificial ageing process to guarantee long-term stability.
The internal construction is elastically mounted to attenuate vibrations and reduce handling noise. Additionally, the capsules are fixed on special dampers to further reduce mechanical noise.

A small LED on the microphone body indicates the presence of 48V phantom power. All input transistors pass a special selection process to guarantee minimal self-noise. The microphone body is made of brass with a dark grey non-reflective paint finish on an epoxy base. A 3-layer metallic grille effectively protects the transducers from electrical and atmospheric interference and contamination from microscopic dust particles. A gold-plated 5-pin XLR-connector in the base mates with the breakout cable (dual 3-pin XLR connectors). The Nevaton ORTF comes with an output cable in a fine hardwood box.


NEVATON ORTF – Technical Data

Capsule diameter

33 mm

Directional pattern

cardioid, wide cardioid, omnidirectional, figure-eight

20 – 20.000 Hz

Free Field Sensitivity at 1000 Hz and 1000 Ω

not less than 20 mV/Pa

Equivalent SPL DIN/IEC 651

4-7 dB-A (depending on the directional characteristic)

Max. Sound Pressure Level [for THD 0,5% ]

142 dB

Dynamic range

135-138 dB

Nominal Impedance

50 Ω

Recommended Load Impedance

1000 Ω

Current Consumption

8 mA

Supply voltage

48 +/- 4V

Diameter of the corpus



238 mm


691 g

Connector Type

5-pin XLR-type (male) to 2x 3-pin XLR-type standard

Pin assignment:

pin1: ground, pin2:phase(+), pin3:phase(-), pin4:phase(+), pin5:phase(-)