HIGH QUALITY CONDENSER MICROPHONE COMPARISON at the renowned “Tonzauber” recording-studio at Konzerthaus/Vienna – Nevaton BPT vs AKG C12 vs Neumann M149 vs Neumann TLM170.

A short demonstration-clip by Edwin Pfanzagl-Cardone, which shows various aspects of the Nevaton BPT. Please note that this was recorded while horses have been on the stage, so don’t be confused by some of the sounds. A detailed description of the content can be found in the text-section below the video

The following track was recorded at “Felsenreitschule” with only three microphones: Nevaton BPT (main microphone, 3x figure-8) & 2 outriggers (Schoeps, CCM4 , cardioid)

A recording of the very same performance by an Austrian radio station which involved a setp with Decca-Tree, outriggers, a large number of support-microphones for various instrument-groups: