NEVATON BPT – Main microphone of the Salzburg Festival

Infos & facts about the Nevaton BPT directly from the chief sound-engineer of the Salzburg Festival, Ing. Dr. Edwin Pfanzagl Cardone. High class recordings in mono, stereo or surround – with one microphone. Learn more about Nevaton microphones – Contact:

Here is a track which was recorded at “Felsenreitschule”, with only three microphones: Nevaton BPT (main microphone, 3x figure-8) & 2 outriggers (Schoeps, CCM4 , cardioid):

Here is a recording of the very same performance by an Austrian radio station with much more effort: Decca-Tree, outriggers, a lot of support-microphones for various instrument-groups:


A medley of various BPT-recordings:

1. An orchestra rehearsal with percussion soloists in front of the orchestra, strings behind and beside them and woodwinds further back. This track is a nice example for showing what the BPT is able to capture in terms of localization accuracy, stage depth and clear acoustic separation between the instruments (The track was recorded with just one Nevaton BPT microphone, suspended far out in the concert hall, no spot mics used)

2. Octet (with vocal soloist) – modern music: Set-up from L to R: soprano, flute, clarinet, violin 1, violin 2, viola, cello, harp. Recorded with one Nevaton BPT microphone.

3. String Quartet – One Nevaton BPT-microphone, placed in a position to capture standing vocal soloists of the previous performance (not the seated musicians of the string quartet), but still the result is a nice sounding recording.

4. Baroque Opera – BPT microphone used in a typical main microphone position in combination with outriggers, large A-B omnis. The BPT is the “center-fill system”, resulting in an AB-BPT system.






HIGH QUALITY CONDENSER MICROPHONE COMPARISON at the renowned “Tonzauber” recording-studio at Konzerthaus/Vienna – Nevaton BPT vs AKG C12 vs Neumann M149 vs Neumann TLM170. Please find more infos about the recording session below the video on YOUTUBE


Nevaton BPT vs. AKG C12 vs. Neumann M149 vs. Neumann TLM170

HIGH QUALITY CONDENSER MICROPHONE COMPARISON at the renowned “Tonzauber” recording-studio at Konzerthaus/Vienna – Nevaton BPT vs AKG C12 vs Neumann M149 vs Neumann TLM170 Music – Francesco Paolo Tosti (1846-1916) Title: “Non t’amo più” Artists – Vocals: Ana Carolina DIZ, Piano – Francesca CARDONE BIG THANKS to Georg Burdicek (owner&sound-engineer of “Tonzauber”) and to the producer David Hernando Rico who brought his most favourite Neumann microphones to this recording/test.




A short demonstration-clip by Edwin Pfanzagl-Cardone, which shows various aspects of the Nevaton BPT. Please note that this was recorded while horses have been on the stage, so don’t be confused by some of the sounds. A detailed description of the content can be found in the text-section below the video on YOUTUBE

Nevaton BPT Blumlein Pfanzagl Triple 3 capsule mic recording

first recording with “NEVATON-BPT” (3-capsule condenser mic) with orchestra + choir + vocal soloists [PREAMBLE: this documentary recording is presented first in a binaural version [better for headphone reproduction] and after a ‘graphics only’ section (with info on the sound-source and BPT position in the hall) of 1:40 length, the same audio-examples are repeated in the original recording format (starting at 6:00) ] This recording with the NEVATON-BPT took place in January 2015.