The Nevaton MC49 is a high-quality, small-diaphragm microphone with an unique dual capsule used to record a wide range of instruments including strings, brass, piano, acoustic guitar, and drums.

While the MC49 delivers exceptional quality for single instrument recording, it truly excels when used to record groups such as full orchestras, chamber ensembles, and string quartets.
Nevaton MC49’s are used in many major studios and concert halls around the world, including the St. Petersburg Philharmonic or the Salzburg Festival and are considered to be one of the best small-diaphragm microphones manufactured today.

The Nevaton MC49 is now also available with omnidirectional characteristic

When I heard the MC49-O along with the CMC6, it was, as far as I’m concerned, on par with the Schoeps. (Slau Halatyn, Nevaton review at

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