New testimonial about the Nevaton MC403/MC48 from Eneas Mentzel

Thanks to the Belgian sound recordist/sound mixer and sound designer Eneas Mentzel for this very positive testimonial!

“I stumbled upon Nevaton Microphones by accident and I decided to take a look at their website. I was stunned by the low self-noise that those microphones apparently have.
I couldn’t believe it so I decided to test them out for myself. I ordered the Nevaton MC48 stereo microphone and the MC403 BLM (Boundary Layer Microphone).
As I tested them in various situations I came to realize that those microphones do indeed have an extremely low self-noise. I was simply amazed by how neutral and quiet these beauties really are. I purchased the MC403 because I could use it in an upcoming shoot and it excelled in an interior car shot. From the first moment I heard them I fell in love. I already worked with Schoeps and DPA BLM’s and I can say that the Nevaton MC403 without a doubt pulls its string. And all of this at a very attractive price tag. I am already certain that more Nevaton mics will find their way to my setup in the near future and I hope that more people will check out these unknown gems!”